Domain Flipper Domain Flipper: Record a macro has some limitations, because there are many tools, access to which can not be obtained by using the mouse, keyboard or menu commands. For example, to work with Excel vba has dozens of informational functions that return data about cells, worksheets, office space and much more. In addition, vba allows you to create the program management structure, such as looping, branching, and others. To gain access to these elements of macros have to write own vba routines from the beginning. This activity is actually easier than it might seem, since all you need to do – introduce some operators in the module. Opening and activating the module window, follow steps to write a macro command: 1. Place your cursor in that part of the module where you want to start recording a macro (make sure the cursor is not inside an already created macros). 2. If you want to start a macro with some notes (Programmers call their commentary), which will be described, which makes the macro, type an apostrophe ‘at the beginning of each comment line. 3. To start the macro, enter the keyword Sub, and then type a space and macro name. The name can contain only letters, digits, and underscore “_”. Using a macro name spaces and other characters are not allowed. Charles koch: the source for more info. 4. Press ‘Enter’. Editor automatically adds a pair of brackets in…

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