Week 2 – Impact of COVID-19

Whizzbangsblog Whizzbangsblog: What a difference another week makes to the COVID-19 global crisis. The statistics coming through are nothing short of incredible as a massive upward trend rolls across domain traffic investment portfolios. So, what’s driving these numbers and is this tsunami sustainable? Once again, I dive into the statistics that we have at ParkLogic to pull out some interesting highlights that reveal what is going on in the online world. I’m sure these numbers will be invaluable in helping you make decisions about your own business moving forward in these tumultuous times. Sadly, more people are getting infected by COVID-19 and some nations are still acting as if it will just blow over and not touch them. The tragedy is that thousands of people are dying as a result of inaction. Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone and their loved ones impacted by the Coronavirus. Don’t forget to wash your hands and practice social distancing to help flatten the curve so that the hospitals are not flooded, and everyone can have their medical needs met.

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