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We also develop and support systems, software and services that boost In Flight internet on aircraft

Established 1993

domain auctions and domain registration from transcom
Transcom Domain Auctions and Domain Registration
Domain Auctions
Domain Dropcatch UK domains with dropcatch software
DropCatch Software
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Our drop catch domain software allows you to catch dropping domain names from registrars that utilise the EPP / DAC XML process, there are around 80 countries that do, we have pre configured the configuration file with Nominet parameters, which makes it ready to be used by anyone who is a Nominet Registrar.  


Several versions available including lease and buy

This system allows you to seemlessly dropcatch any domains registered with the UK registrar, Nominet, with no upfront submission fees or limitations, you simply pay just £10 + vat (Fast) £25 + vat (Multi) or £50 + vat (single), but only if the catch is successfull.


With a simple 2 line registration, you can start submitting your domains and monitor them, status updates are live, if one of your domains have been caught, a FastPay link will appear next to the result. You don’t have to be a Nominet TAG holder to use this service


Caught domains by the company will appear in the Just Caught list and on our domain auction site, where you can also enter your caught domains for sale if required, without listing fees.

Developed, proven and tested by Flytlink and Transcom, our FastAPN service speeds up high RTT connections by utilising six different off site enhancements and processes, including DTN, SmartAV DNS, Pepsal’s, Hybla, Hybla-i, Westwood, Reno, OILA and proprietory Algortithms.


Boost Internet Access Speed, aircraft wifi and aircraft internet, great for slow internet and slow web pagesThe FLYTLINK fastapn service uses multiple proprietory techniques that significantly improves internet access speed for networks and services, whilst substantially reducing unwanted traffic, without the inconvenience of installing any hardware or software, and works with any device.


The fastapn service will boost internet access speed for inflight internet, aircraft wifi and aircraft internet, great for slow internet and slow web pages

This is very specific to costly satellite links, or any links have either high response times or where quality issues due to an extensive number of concurrent users, these normally occur where the cost of provisioning the service is high, such as aviation systems.


Additionally, the service enhances all protocols, ports and services, even your Outlook email, exchange and streaming enjoys the same acceleration, security and protection processes without any interaction by yourself. 


It’s is simply plug and go, but there is also the ability to track throughput, resource usage and logs, should you wish to do so. Ideal for gogo internet, british airways internet, emirates internet and qatar airways internet

Fast Virtual Servers with immediate setup and choice of Linux OS and a wide range of Ram, CPU’s and SSD Drives, Multiple Data Centre’s with 7 Linux OS’s to choose from. 


We use the latest virtualization technologies based on QEMU KVM, distributed on a large array of servers to ensure the best possible performance and uptime

and use only high quality enterprise hardware for our VPS nodes, making sure your data is safe at all times and the performance of your VPS is guaranteed.


  • Linix Root – SSH
  • No Contract
  • 4TB Outbound Bandwidth
  • 512 MB – 16 GB Ram
  • 10 GB – 320 GB SSD Storage
  • 7 Linux OS Versions
  • IP4 and IP6 Addressing
  • 3 Data Centres
  • Immediate Activation
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Full Admin/Root Access
  • 99.9% Uptime guarantee
  • No setup fees
  • DNS Services included
  • 1 hour delivery

We use multiple techniques to assess the content of all emails as well as procudures to detect bad attempts before they even reach the email servers, remembering that one failure doesnt always mean rejection.

You can use the service on ANY domain you may have, the only non intrusive change is that you change the MX records to point to our servers, we can do this for you without charge.

The gateway is included in all our hosting packs and does not have to be purchased seperately. Please note that the gateway cannot be used on free email accounts such as gmail etc

Transcom has been in the domain name and domain provisioning business for over 30 years, and weve collected an impressive portfolio of premium names, as well as domains caught daily buy us. All are available for acution on this site.  


There are hundreds on Nominet UK names, some with no reserve, many low priced bargains and all with both BIN and bid options

Our web hosting platform has been fully optimised to offer outstanding performance for your web applications, delivering speeds of upto 16x faster than our closest competitor. Plesk contains a complete WordPress Toolkit.

We have many types of email accounts for business, including out High Security Sigma service, with continuously updated antispam and antivirus protection, running on our core Transcom servers. You can choose between a set of our owned and popular domians or select your own to use.


Our Email service is well know throught the industry, as being complete NSA / Snoop Proof, advert free and AES secure Email service, with its own comprehensive webmail client as well as imap and smtp abilities. Suitable for normal email clients such as Outlook and for any device, including Android and Iphones.

A VPN and Smart DNS each offer their own benefits, a VPN is great for privacy, security and unblocking content while a SmartDNS is made for streaming and allows you to unblock content from multiple countries at once. We have added these two together and created a hybrid service that can unblock 99% of all content while protecting and securing.


Not only will they place you in the UNITED KINGDOM to enable streaming and geo sensitive services, but also speeds up, protects your system and devices against malware and even disables porn (if selected). 


As well as unblocking, It also ensures privacy and enhances security. Setup requires only using our SmartDNS IP in either your device, router, or server.

Not only will it place you in the UK or USA to enable streaming and geo sensitive services, but also speeds up,
protects your system and devices against malware and even disables porn (if selected). As well as unblocking, It also ensures privacy and enhances security. Setup requires only using our SmartDNS IP in either your device, router, or even server.

  • Stream services from the UK or USA
  • Dramatically increases site speeds
  • Simple setup, just add a DNS IP
  • Use on Unlimited devices
  • Can bypass local censorship
  • Prevents adware and advertising
  • Stops companies tracking you
  • No more secret analytics gathering
  • Detects and stops scam websites
  • Stops Crypto Webminers
  • Prevents spyware stealing your info
  • No more phising sites
  • Stops Trojan software downloading
  • Prevents RootKit installations
  • No more worms wiggling around
  • Stops viruses dead
domain auctions and domain registration from transcom
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